Welcome to October, which, for many, is the official kickoff to fall. As we dive into a new month, you may be looking for ways to refresh your home for the fall season. Perhaps you plan on selling your house, or maybe you just want to create a cozy, warm environment for the cooler months. Either way, fall is a great time to do projects around your home, as new seasons often trigger a desire to redecorate and revamp. Read on for some suggestions for decorating your home this autumn, as well as indoor and outdoor projects you can take on! 

Start decorating for the season

For many home owners, fall is the prime time to start adding holiday-themed touches to your decor. Between Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the lead-up to Christmas, this season has many festive events in store. If you like dressing your home up for fall, have some fun with it! Whether you like string lights, leafy garlands, pumpkins, or spooky Halloween decorations, the season is yours to customize. A personalized decorating style can make you love your home that much more. Whatever vibe you want to give your home this fall, decorations can help you achieve the right look.

Change up your regular decor

Inside your home, you might want to consider switching up the decor around your house for fall. You don’t necessarily need to make your decor fall-themed, but the change in seasons is still a good time for a revamp. Simple additions like throw pillows and cozy blankets can give your living area a fresh look for a home you love. Be sure all decor is your style so you feel at home in your surroundings. After all, you don’t want to feel like you’re in someone else’s house! Feel free to maximize your favourite colours as well. If you want a unique look, try skipping the big box stores for your decor and pictures. Check out independent shops or local markets for cool and original pieces you can add to your home.

Try out seasonal scents

Scent is an often neglected part of falling in love with our homes. The right scent can make you feel relaxed, calm, and at home. There are pretty much endless scents for you to explore in your home this autumn. This season is well-known for hosting some of the most popular scents on the market, after all. Pumpkin spice, ginger, apples, cinnamon, flannel, pecan, you name it! These fall scents evoke the feeling of coziness and comfort on a cool day, and can make you love the atmosphere of your home. Between candles, diffusers, air fresheners, and oils, you can get creative and create a signature fall scent in your house.

Power wash your home’s exterior

Moving outside, it’s a good time to give your house a power wash to get it all fresh for fall. You can wash off any mildew or mold that may have grown over the summer before winter sets in and freezes anything to your home. We recommend hiring a professional company, as they will know best what to use to avoid any damage. A power wash makes your house look fresher, newer, and overall more appealing. Whether you plan to sell or not, this cleaning service will increase your love for your home.

Invest in seasonal plants

While your summer plants have died, fall has its own selection of plants to display inside and outside. Mums are the most popular fall plant, both for their ability to grow and their tendency to come in the fall colours of yellow, orange, and red. Other fall plants include pansies, and purple fountain grass. Of course, you can also get the classic pumpkin and hay bale arrangement for a pop of fall festivity. Colourful plants and flowers will add a welcoming touch to your home!

Refresh your front door

Finally, fall might be a perfect time to repaint your front door. Depending on where you live, you’ll likely want to repaint your door every five to 10 years. If your door is faded or peeling, it’s definitely time for a redo. The colour you choose for your door depends on your taste. You can go neutral, use blacks, or add a pop of colour. You might also consider updating any light fixtures outside your front door and around your home this autumn.  

Your options for fall decorations and projects are endless, and definitely not limited to these suggestions. These projects don’t even have to be exclusively fall-themed, but it might just be a nice time to take on some work around your house to make it feel more like home.

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