Preparing your house for the fall season

Preparing your house for the fall season

The leaves are changing colours, the kids are back in school, and Halloween candy is on display in grocery stores. The fall season is here! Autumn is a lovely time of year, but before it can be enjoyed to the max, we must prepare ourselves and our houses for it. Here...
Can I buy a home with student debt?

Can I buy a home with student debt?

Student debt is a common part of many young Canadians’ lives. As schooling becomes more expensive and more Canadians seek higher education, a large number are coming out of school with loans to repay. Now, as those same people are reaching the point where they are...
Is Barrie a good city to call home?

Is Barrie a good city to call home?

Finding the right place to put down roots and call home can be challenging. It’s tricky to balance all of your needs and wants, especially if you’re also part of a relationship or have a family. Ontario real estate is no stranger to the market changes we’ve been...

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