Are you hoping to add more value to your home? Maybe you’re planning to sell in the future and want to get it into the best possible shape. Or, maybe you just want to freshen up your home for your own continued enjoyment. In any case, there are endless renovation ideas out there. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones are worth it, and which ones are best for you. Here are some ideas for renovations that will increase your home’s value. Depending on the age and style of your home, not every renovation project will make sense for you. Be sure to choose the ones that will suit your home’s needs!

Minor kitchen remodel

The kitchen is the central point in a home, and it should receive a lot of care. The thing is, you probably don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating your kitchen to today’s standards. In fact, small improvements may be all you need to increase your home’s value. If you repaint the walls, replace countertops, get a new kitchen table, or a new backsplash, any of these on their own can be all you need to make a ton of difference. Look at two or three areas that could use the most improvement, and focus on those. 

Bathroom renovation

Public washrooms are many people’s biggest fear. While your home’s bathroom likely isn’t cause for so much terror, you will definitely gain value by making it stand as far apart from an old, dingy public space as possible. If you have cracked or stained tiles, a yellowed shower or toilet, or rusty fixtures, it’s time for some upgrades. An overall feeling of freshness is the most important part of a bathroom, rather than necessarily having the most luxurious materials. This means you don’t have to go right for the quartz and marble countertops and tubs. Clean white tile floors and a white toilet are great, as is a shower with new fixtures, and countertops with double sinks and mirrors. Materials such as modern laminate can provide great options for you today as well, at a fraction of the cost of more luxurious materials. 

Create a home office

Working from home is here to stay for many people, and if you have the space to do so, creating a home office might be a valuable project. You might have room in your basement, an unused guest bedroom, or a formal dining room that doesn’t get a lot of use. Depending on where you create this space, you might need permits if it involves putting up or knocking down walls. This home office can be a small room complete with a desk, chair, and simple art to show people they can easily do their work from within the home. 

Focus on yard improvements

A well-maintained yard is one of the most important parts of any home’s value, both front and back. You have lots of options here for increasing your home’s value. For example, adding a deck to your backyard is always a desirable feature. You could also complete it with a pergola for extra outdoor lounge space. Paving walkways to your front door, planting gardens and adding outdoor furniture also all add to the value of your home. There’s really no way to go wrong by improving your yard, as curb appeal is huge and most improvements will attract buyers. The one possible exception is adding a pool. Some buyers don’t want to maintain a pool, or they may see it as a safety concern if they have very young children. Don’t install one purely as a selling feature if you don’t plan to use it as the current homeowner. 

Rip up wallpaper and carpet

Some things just don’t age well in a home, and wallpaper and certain carpets can immediately take your house back to the seventies. To increase your home’s value, you can take on a renovation to tear down the wallpaper and replace it with a fresh, neutral paint, and rip up the carpet in favour of hardwood or laminate floors. These materials are newer, easier to match, easier to clean, and add a fresh vibe to your home. If you’re worried it will make your home too plain or bare, that’s where art and other personalizations come in handy!

Don’t forget the final touches

Of course, no renovation is complete without the finishing touches. Make sure you furnish and decorate your new living spaces to make the most of them. If you need furniture, look at what styles and colours will match the room. Pick some art to liven up your walls. Choose which style of light fixtures you want to go for. All of these things can make big differences in your home to increase its value. You also don’t want to put these things off, because furniture and accessories can take weeks to arrive. Prepare yourself and order the materials you need ahead of time!

Any of these renovation ideas can increase your home’s value. It’s up to you to decide which parts of your home need the most attention and how much you’re willing to take on. Be sure to do your research when selecting your contractor(s) so the process can move as smoothly as possible and you end up with a home you love even more.

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