What makes living in Barrie such a great experience? Barrie is an excellent city to call home, and is a perfect option for home buyers to settle down. This city is home to lots of activities, economic development, and a stable safety record. Here are some of the top reasons why living in Barrie is worth considering!

Getting to the big city is simple

If you want easy access to Toronto without having to live in its busy, pricey core, Barrie is a great solution. Many homeowners in Barrie commute to Toronto for work. With Highway 400 just a short distance away, it’s no big deal to make the hour-long drive into the city. Located north of Toronto, Barrie is far enough away to be free from the city’s intense traffic and prices, but close enough to make the commute. Whether you need to get into Toronto for work or for a fun day trip, living in Barrie means you are never too far away. Plus, if driving into the downtown core isn’t your thing, fear not! Allandale Waterfront GO Station is located right along Barrie’s waterfront and provides you with a direct route to Union Station, dropping you off in the middle of Toronto. GO transit is reasonably priced and gives you a stress-free experience on your way to the GTA!

The economy is steady

Barrie’s economy has maintained its stability throughout the past few years of uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. Naturally, the city went through some low periods of economic growth just like every other area, but its recovery has been strong. In fact, Barrie is prominent in several industries from retail to tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. With its proximity to Toronto, innovation, and beautiful waterfront location, there are several opportunities for business and economic success in our city. Living in Barrie means being part of a rapidly developing city that is constantly working towards building a strong future for its residents.

Barrie is a very safe city

Safety is a top priority for the vast majority of homeowners when they decide to settle down somewhere. Whether you have a family or live on your own, you deserve to know you are safe in your home. Barrie scores very highly on that front! A large report released by Statistics Canada in 2020 shows Barrie in a great light. For example, it revealed that 90 per cent of residents felt safe in the city. This is supported by the fact that violent crime rates were lower than the national average, and a 10 year change in police-reported crime showed a 28 per cent decrease in Barrie compared to a national average decrease of 17 per cent. A high sense of personal safety and low incidents of crime make living in Barrie a safe and comfortable experience.

Entertainment options are endless

While you can certainly head to Toronto for entertainment, you also have several options right at home when you live in Barrie. This city combines nature and city vibes for a perfect blend of activities to enjoy. Since Barrie is situated on Kempenfelt Bay, it gives residents access to beautiful waterfront trails and lake recreation. Similarly, Barrie has a nice selection of forested hiking paths and biking trails to explore, allowing you to jump right into nature. At the same time, you can head into the city’s downtown area to access a variety of shops and restaurants. Whether you prefer city or country experiences, Barrie can provide you with both. You can check out some of the best things to do in Barrie this summer here (link to GJB-23-06-02).

The housing market is more affordable

Finally, living in Barrie is more affordable than many other cities in Ontario. Typically, the closer you get to the GTA, the more expensive housing and living expenses are. Barrie’s location means that while it is growing, prices have not yet reached such intense levels. According to Zolo, the average housing price in Barrie is $786,000. While housing prices are generally increasing over time, they are much steadier than other city locations. Of course, specific housing prices will depend on property type and size. However, the housing market in Barrie is overall less intense and costly than some of its neighbouring cities.

Living in Barrie is a great option for many homeowners looking to settle down. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a move-up buyer, or a retiree looking to downsize, this is a prime location. If you’re hoping to dive into the housing market, you can reach out to me to discuss your options! I can help you narrow down your housing needs and ensure you secure the right mortgage product. 

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