We’re officially in the autumn season! This is arguably the most gorgeous time of year, and there is so much to enjoy during the fall months. However, if you’re a homeowner, there are also lots of tasks to do to get your house set for autumn. Here are some of the biggest items to cross off your to-do list as the weather gets colder!

Clean out your gutters

This is a task you might want to save for later in the autumn season, once the leaves have finished falling off the trees. Our gutters tend to collect all kinds of debris this time of year, which can quickly block the path of water traveling down. This is enough of a nuisance on its own, but once the weather gets colder, it becomes even more of an issue. If water freezes in your gutters, this will weigh them down to the point where they risk breaking. It’s important to have clear gutters before the snow starts falling, which is why this is a perfect job for late fall. 

Put away outdoor furniture

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to your summer furniture for the season. Any patio tables, chairs, or outdoor couches should be covered and/or stored away somewhere they won’t be damaged by the cold weather. Similarly, you may want to take down any decor such as string lights, deck chairs, or hanging wall clocks. These items can suffer if they are exposed to snow and freezing temperatures long-term. If you have a pool, you will also need to close it up soon! If you hire a professional company to do this for you, make sure you get in touch soon to ensure they can fit you in. 

Check on your home’s warmth

A big part of getting your home set for autumn is ensuring it will stay warm and cozy all season long. After a long and hot summer, it’s time to think about dealing with chilly Canadian weather. There are a few key spots to examine here. The most obvious is your furnace. You may have already turned your heat on, but if not, take a moment to ensure it is working properly. If you realize your furnace is not operating as it should, it’s important to reach out soon to get this serviced. As the weather gets colder, companies get more and more calls related to heating problems, and you don’t want to be stuck waiting for help.

You can also examine your windows to see if there are any drafts coming in. A lot of warm air escapes through our windows during the colder weather if they don’t fit properly. You can combat this issue with temporary fixes like heavier curtains, or you can look into replacing your windows for a longer-term solution.

Do a thorough house cleaning

Most homeowners think about spring cleaning as the biggest time to clear out the house. However, doing the same thing in the fall can really help get your house set for autumn. The transition from summer to fall is a big one, because it usually involves breaking out warmer clothes, jackets, and shoes, not to mention swapping out any seasonal decor you may have. While you’re taking care of these tasks, it’s worth taking the time to clean out the rest of your home and give it a good scrub down. You will already be moving things in and out of storage areas. You may as well use this as an opportunity to clean every other spot as well.

Fill in any cracks and gaps

Cracks in your driveway or your home’s foundation are fairly common. For the most part, they are not a huge cause for concern. However, if water gathers in these spots and freezes in the winter, this can be problematic. This frozen water can expand and damage your property, worsening cracks and compromising your home’s structure. Before water has time to pool in these areas, you can take the time to fill them in with caulking. You can also hire a professional service to do it for you if you are not confident in your abilities. You should also ensure you don’t have any gaps or cracks large enough for critters such as mice to run into. These little animals look for warmth as the weather cools down, and if they can access your home, they certainly will. 

Getting your home set for autumn involves both simple and time consuming tasks, and it’s not always the most fun! However, it allows you to enjoy the fall season without any worries. Do you think you would like to purchase a home this fall and jump into autumn home maintenance? Feel free to reach out to a mortgage broker! We can discuss your homeownership plans and how you can start out in the market.

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