Welcome, Kristen! 

We are very excited and proud to welcome Kristen Mancini to the Geri Janes team!

Client turned colleague

It’s the summer of 2019. Kristen and her fiance were on the lookout for the right mortgage broker to work with on buying their home. A few friends who had a great experience recommended Geri, and a few weeks later Kristen and Geri were working through the mortgage process together. 

Kristen had just finished school – coming out from McMaster with a commerce degree, a major in finance and a keen interest to continue learning. This stood out to Geri, who took action and booked a meeting with Kristen to let her know she wanted to work together! 

During their first meeting, Geri explained how the mortgage process works and found Kristen caught on quickly! In August of 2019, Kristen spent five Sundays driving to downtown Toronto to take the course that would certify her as a Mortgage Agent. 

Since Kristen officially started in September of 2019, she has been an absolute rock star. Outside of work, she’s continuing to learn – reading books by the likes of Dustin Woodhouse (mortgage expert & author) to ensure she’s delivering the quality of service Geri is known for.

Working with Geri

When asked about the experience so far, Kristen couldn’t say enough good things about Geri and the team! 

One statement Kristen said that stood out was, “Every day is different because no people and therefore, no files are the same. It’s unique to the client and that’s really what I love about this job.”

The whole team has been incredibly supportive of Kristen since starting and she says she feels grateful for the amazing colleagues and excited to learn from them.

Kristen is a certified Mortgage Agent with a knack for numbers. You can reach Kristen at 905-870-8882 or [kristen@yourfinancialadvice.ca] for any mortgage-related questions. You can also get in touch with us here!