Is your home in need of some summer preparations? It’s important to summer-proof our homes so we can enjoy the season and leave behind any issues that often come with it. Nobody likes to spend their summers fighting off insects and sticky, humid weather conditions. If you’ve had troubles making your house summer-proof in the past, there’s often an easy fix. Here are some common measures you can take to prevent the biggest annoyances of this season, and enjoy what summer has to offer!

Get your AC checked

One of the most important ways to ensure you can enjoy your summer is to stay cool. Intense heat, and no way to escape it, can create a miserable experience for you. If you have central air conditioning, it’s a good idea to take this time to make sure it’s in good working order. You should have your AC serviced once a year, preferably around the first hot day of the season. This way, you can identify and solve any problems before summer is in full swing. 

On your end, you can help summer-proof your air conditioning by changing your air filter regularly. You should do this at least every three months year-round, but it’s especially important during the summer when your air conditioner is in use. Another useful tip for making the most of your AC is to close off any vents on the lower floors of your home. This will push the cool air up to the higher floors that tend to get warmer more quickly, so your entire home is cool and summer-proof!

Invest in quality windows

Do your windows really make that much of a difference in keeping your home comfy and cool in the summer? As a matter of fact, they can have a huge impact! Energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to stop air from leaving your home, both in summer and winter. During the warmer months, these windows keep cool air trapped inside your home through the use of added insulation. This means your home will stay cooler, and your AC won’t have to work as hard. This solution can also save you money on your utility bills! If you have old, single pane windows, the savings will quickly make up for the cost of installing new windows.

Please note that newer homes with more modern windows likely already have better air control than older windows. This means you might not experience such significant savings or temperature control if you upgrade to energy-efficient windows. However, this is definitely a good solution for older homes.

Insect control

Summer means it’s time for all your favourite bugs and critters to come out into the open – mosquitoes, ants, bees and spiders. While some of these require action and treatment, others should be left alone. 

You can definitely summer-proof your home to keep out mosquitoes and ants. Mosquito eggs grow in pools of still water, so you can ensure your home has no areas of stagnant water, such as in the basement or cellar. Outdoors, you can use citronella candles to drive mosquitoes away. As for ants, you can spray the entrances to your home with an ant repellent to keep them from crossing the threshold into your house.

On the other hand, as unpleasant as you might find spiders and bees, they should be left unharmed. If you don’t want spiders in your house (which is understandable!), consider relocating them to your yard instead of killing them. Spiders feed on other invasive pests in your garden, so they’re doing you a favour! The same goes for bees – leave them to their work in your yard and they’ll stay out of your way. Bees are fairly docile unless truly provoked, and will ignore you as long as you do the same.

Purchase a dehumidifier

Buying a dehumidifier is by far the best way to get rid of that heavy, sticky summer air in your home. While air conditioners cool things down, they don’t clear away moisture in the air, which can result in damage like mold and rot. Summer-proof your home by investing in a dehumidifier to suck in that moist air and release drier air in its place. Basements often have the biggest need for dehumidifiers. They keep your home cool and dry, and keep away bugs that thrive in moist environments.

Invest in shades and fans

If you don’t have air conditioning, and getting new windows isn’t in your budget, a cost-effective way to summer-proof your home is to invest in some fans and window shades. Shades keep the hot sun out of your home while still allowing a breeze in if your windows are open. They also vary in price, so there’s an option for most budgets. Portable fans are handy for moving from room to room, which is especially nice for staying cool while sleeping.

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