The leaves are changing colours, the kids are back in school, and Halloween candy is on display in grocery stores. The fall season is here! Autumn is a lovely time of year, but before it can be enjoyed to the max, we must prepare ourselves and our houses for it. Here are some things to do in and around your home before you declare it ready for the season.

Do a roof check

A weak roof is one of the last things you want heading into the colder seasons. If you have weak or loose shingles, one blustery day is all it takes to send them flying. Even if you don’t think your roof has any issues, it never hurts to do a quick look. Make sure nothing seems to be cracked, curled, or loose. If you’re having any problems with leaks, it’s essential to tackle this problem now. As infuriating as it is to have a drip from your roof and have no idea where it’s coming from, this will seem like a minor inconvenience compared to the damage this leak can cause once the weather really cools down. A small drip is one thing, but once that water freezes and your leak becomes an icy mess, you’ll be wishing you took some time to deal with the problem in the fall. Take some time to locate the source of the leak, or have someone come inspect the problem for you. Getting this issue rectified before fall sets in is ideal for ensuring you don’t suffer any major damages!

Prep your heating systems

Whether you have a furnace, use a fireplace, or both, make sure your heating system is working properly before fall! Once the weather gets chilly, any issues with your heating may take longer to fix than usual, since this is when repair companies tend to get the busiest. If you want to have your furnace professionally checked out before you start using it, it’s certainly not a bad idea. You should also make sure you change your furnace filters. Old filters will be full of dust and debris, making it trickier for the furnace to do its job and properly heat your home. Reduce your heating bills and increase your furnace’s efficiency by making a simple switch of filters this fall. If you use a fireplace, be sure to do a chimney sweep. This will make sure your chimney is free of any dangers that could make a house fire more likely.

Inspect your windows

Similar to heating concerns, windows are also an important element of the home to secure for the fall season. Windows are one of the top spots for cold air to let itself into your home, where cracks are common. If not treated, these cracks can result in your home losing warm air and getting frigid drafts in return. If you find or feel any chilly areas near windows, caulking and weatherstripping are some ways to combat the issue. Apart from drafty windows, it’s also a good time to wash your windows for the fall season. This ensures they are as clean as possible before the winter months, when they’ll inevitably get dirty once again. Take advantage of this last time to make sure your windows are sparkling!

Finish up your yard work

Yard work seems like a summer task, but you have to make one last effort before the fall season too. If you have outdoor furniture, like patio tables, chairs, or couches, it’s time to cover them up or put them away in storage for the season. If you have a pool, the dreaded task of closing it up is approaching. Your grass needs some final care before the snow hits as well. Give it a nice cut, taking care to keep it short and healthy so it can continue to grow nicely in the spring. If your lawn is covered with leaves, you can either leave them there to provide added health to your grass and soil, or you can clear them up for yard waste day. Finally, have a look at your driveway and walkway to see if they have any cracks in them. If so, you may be able to fix them yourself if you’re handy with concrete filler, or you can call in a professional. Either way, it’s best to sort these issues out now before snow and ice create dangerous holes and cracks.

Keep your gutters clear

Gutters and eavestroughs can pose big problems for homeowners if they don’t maintain them in the fall season. These parts of our homes are guaranteed to catch some falling leaves as they blow off trees. This on its own isn’t a huge deal. However, it can become an issue when paired with the rainwater our gutters collect. With leaves filling up the space, water can’t drain as easily, potentially leaving you with a mess of soggy leaves clogging your gutters. Once the temperatures dip low enough, this water can freeze, threatening the structure of gutters and eavestroughs with its weight. Clean your gutters at least once during the fall to get rid of leaves that may be stuck in there, preventing proper water drainage.

The fall season is often a delightful one, full of beautiful colours and a hint of the upcoming holidays. In order to enjoy autumn to the fullest, it’s important to be sure your home is prepared for it. Taking the time to complete these little jobs now will save you lots of headaches when we’re fully submerged in the fall and winter seasons. I hope you and your home have a wonderful start to autumn!

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