Are you looking forward to summer? Most likely! The thought of spending time outside is a huge ray of sunshine for many people. Plus, after a long winter of COVID-19 lockdowns, you’re probably excited to leave the inside of your home! However, preparing your yard for the warmer months can often be a big task. For those who own a home with a property to maintain, summer means frequent lawn work, mixed with some well-deserved outdoor relaxation. You may have most of your yard set up for summer, but here are some final ideas and things to keep in mind.

Prepare your patio furniture

For homeowners who have backyard patios or decks, it’s time to get them prepared for a season of sun and frequent use (hopefully!). Many people see their patios as an outdoor oasis this time of year, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. It’s likely you’ve already taken your patio furniture out of storage and set it up, but wait a moment! Do a double check to make sure nothing is ripping, tearing, or chipping after spending half a year stored away. If you find any problems, now is the time to replace your furniture before the season gets into full swing. 

Apart from the basic table and chairs, you can add extra touches to your patio to get your yard in the summer spirit. Outdoor couches, hanging chairs, umbrellas, and pergolas all add a homey and inviting feel to your patio. The right setup will make sure your patio appeals to you all season long!

Protect your deck

Decks, particularly wooden decks, take a lot of strain over years of weather and use. It’s important to take the right measures to protect your deck from the elements. This means using a good deck stain or deck seal to prevent moisture from warping the wood or causing rot. Fixing or replacing a damaged deck will be much more expensive and lengthy than taking preventative actions now. 

You can use a deck stain to protect your deck from UV rays and water, and add a fresh tint to your deck’s colour as well. A standard deck sealer with no tint is great for water protection, but it doesn’t have as much sun protection. In general, a yearly stain or seal is sufficient for your deck. You can quickly test your deck’s needs by adding a few water droplets to the surface. If it beads up on the deck and doesn’t absorb, your deck is well-protected!

Last-minute gardening tips

Most homeowners are done with their gardening by now, with mulching and planting commonly being a spring project. However, there’s always additional gardening you can do to get your yard prepped for summer if you desire! Adding planters and pots with flowers are great ways to add colour anywhere you want in your yard, not just on the ground. Hanging planters and pots placed on decks and patios often look beautiful and add a vibrant touch to your yard. It’s important to focus on getting plants that can survive the weather conditions in your area. Here in Ontario our summers can be unpredictable, so hardy plants are always a good bet!

Remember to maintain your plants after you plant them as well. Water them regularly, and ensure they’re getting the right amount of sunlight. If you have a green thumb, you can even go one step further to get your yard in the summer spirit by starting your own vegetable garden. Some veggies that thrive in warm weather include tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, just to name a few!

Take on some DIY projects

Do you have a creative eye? You can use this time to get going on some DIY projects for your yard! These can be fun, budget-friendly ways to keep your yard looking fresh and unique this season. Plus, it might give you something to do while Ontario slowly emerges from lockdowns! Some common DIY projects include building your own fire pit, installing a trellis for climbing flowers, or making your own hanging string light creations. Another trendy project is a semi-private fence, which is basically a one or two-sided fence designed to close off a specific area such as a patio. This offers you some privacy in certain areas while leaving the rest of your yard in the open. 

DIY projects definitely vary in difficulty, but a simple Google search can give you endless ideas based on your comfort level. Get your yard looking its best with your very own creations, whether you’re a beginner or an expert!

Maintain your lawn

Finally, remember that preparing your yard for summer is a season-long job. Maintenance is just as important as the initial setup to ensure your yard and gardens continue to flourish. Mowing your grass regularly and pulling out weeds are essential to keeping your grass healthy and preventing uneven patches. Also be sure to have a sprinkling system set up for your lawn if you don’t tend to get much rain in your area during the summer. Sprinklers timed to operate during early morning hours will ensure your grass absorbs the water before it can evaporate into the afternoon heat. Finally, be sure to reseed any areas that become dry and patchy. A healthy lawn is one of the best ways to get your yard fully ready for summer!

Of course, your lawn and yard needs will vary depending on your property. However, these suggestions might give you some ideas on how to get your yard under control this summer! If you have any questions or are interested in buying or refinancing this summer, get in touch with me here!