Selling a home this autumn means it’s important to take lots of time to appeal to buyers. As the market cools down a bit, homes tend to stay on the market longer and there is less demand for housing. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a good sale, but it means you need to focus on how to increase your home’s value. Here are some of the top suggestions for updating and upgrading your house to ensure it’s in its best state!

Focus on curb appeal

Buyers will not come into your home if the outside looks like a disaster area. Maximizing curb appeal is important to increase your home’s value. Focus on your front porch area, around your front door, and windows. You can repaint or replace your front door if it’s looking worn, and clean your windows until they sparkle. You may want to consider replacing your driveway, adding a walkway from the driveway to the door, or doing some gardening. Your garage doors are also important, and you can paint or replace those to make them pop from the street. You want buyers to be excited about entering your home!

Update key areas

It’s pretty commonly acknowledged that the kitchen and bathrooms are the key spots in any home, since they’re the highest traffic areas. This means it’s essential to have those areas in the best shape before selling and for viewings. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the most luxurious renovations, but some simple upgrades can be extremely helpful. For example, new cabinets or countertops in the kitchen will automatically freshen up the space. In the bathroom, replacing the tub or sink will do the same, and also make the room look more modern and clean. Real estate agents often have a good idea on what current trends are in homes, and what will attract buyers the most.

Add a home office

Working from home is here to stay for a good number of Canadians, so many buyers would value a dedicated home office space. At the start of the pandemic, most of us had to attempt to work from our kitchen tables or living room couch, which was not only less productive but also far more distracting. Those who had a spare room to turn into an office were the lucky ones. Now that we know working from home is a popular setup, it’s worth creating a work-from-home space in your own home for buyers to enjoy. We know just how useful it is to have a separate work space, and you can likely imagine how it might turn WFH buyers off if they see they won’t have that room. If your home and area mostly appeal to working age professionals, this is a solid investment.

Make your yard a place to use

If your house has a backyard, take full advantage of it. A yard that is complete and ready to enjoy will increase your home’s value so much more than a yard full of dead grass and junk piled up. Homeowners can do so much with outdoor areas, like building a patio, installing a deck, putting in a pool or garden, or just enjoying the green space. Either give buyers a fresh, clean lawn to take on their desired projects, or go ahead and complete one yourself before listing. Patios and decks never go out of style, and are always useful and enjoyed by all.

Upgrade appliances

A home can be clean, spacious, bright, and attractive, but if you have ancient appliances hanging around, it cannot look modern. Fridges, stoves, and microwaves all show their age after a certain time, and you likely don’t want your home looking like something out of the 1970s if you’re trying to increase your home’s value. If the rest of your house is modern and updated, they will look especially odd and out of place. Consider upgrading these appliances if they are more than 10 years old. A sleek new set of appliances will give your kitchen a mini facelift, boosting its appeal.

Consider finishing your basement

A finished basement basically adds a whole other level to your home. It provides extra room for guests, storage space, and activities. As we mentioned before, in a time when many people work from home, this extra space can be especially useful for allowing families to spread out and have some time alone. You don’t need to do anything fancy, like install a brick wall fireplace or a complete TV and recreation room. Keep it simple, with laminate flooring and bright neutrals on the walls to lighten up the space. If there’s room, a small bathroom is handy too. The basics are enough to let buyers see what they could do with the space.

The mission to increase your home’s value depends on the state of your own property. These are just some examples of tasks you can take on that have a reputation for making homes more valuable and attractive to buyers. Be sure to speak with your agent about the best things to do to have a successful time in the market this autumn!

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