We’re finally getting closer to warmer weather! With spring only a week away, you might be starting to think about all the things you want to do once you get outside. Before you migrate outdoors, though, you’ll probably want to tackle some spring cleaning in your home. After a long winter indoors, many of us want to take some time to give our homes a good scrub. However, you might be forgetting to clean a few key spots.

As hard as we try to reach every nook and cranny in our homes during a spring cleaning binge, we almost always miss a couple important areas. There’s no shame in that! This is just a reminder of some commonly overlooked parts of the home during cleaning time. Read on to see if any of them sound familiar to you!

Inside the oven

Most of us remember to give our stovetops a wipe down after we cook, and to keep the outside of our oven doors clean. (If not, here’s your reminder!) However, you might be forgetting to go right in and clean out the inside of the oven. It might seem unnecessary – if nothing ever spills or overflows, what’s the point? Over time, messes will slowly build up and your oven will thank you for a refresher. Besides, you don’t want dirt and grease to be in the oven along with your meals when you’re cooking.

Cleaning your oven is also super easy! Just take out each rack, and give those a spray with an oven cleaner. Do the same with the inside of the oven, being careful not to spray the heating elements if you have an electric oven. Give the cleaner a few minutes to set, then wipe everything down with a damp cloth. Just like that, one of your spring cleaning tasks is done!

Garbage and recycling bins

We rarely see the bottoms of our garbage and recycling bins, since they’re usually lined with bags, or else full of empty cans and plastic. It’s often an out of sight, out of mind issue when these sit in the garage, too. Since they already store dirty objects, is there a point in cleaning them?

Absolutely! If you’ve been forgetting to clean these items, make sure you put them on your list this year. When garbage builds up over and over again, it can create some awful messes and an unpleasant odour. It’s pretty difficult to keep your bins clean forever, but it’s definitely worth giving them a good scrub once in a while. The more you clean them out, the less off-putting you’ll find them. Just give your bins a spray with a hose, and go in with some dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner to make them feel fresh again.

Tops of appliances

When we clean our appliances, we usually focus on the front faces of our fridges, microwaves, washers and dryers. These are the parts we touch and see most frequently, so they’re the most important parts to keep clean. However, it’s good to check the tops of your appliances once in a while too! You might never see the top of your fridge, but you can bet dust builds up there. Grab a stool and give those high surfaces a wipe to avoid dealing with dust particles floating down around you. If your washer and dryer are stacked on top of each other, do the same with whichever one is on top.

Under the sink

Sinks aren’t anybody’s favourite thing to clean. Many people find sinks downright disgusting, but they still need to be cleaned. The area under your sink also needs extra attention once in a while! If the space under your sink is full of garbage cans, cleaning supplies, and other random items, empty it all out until the area is clear. Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the bottom, top and sides of the space – you don’t need to do anything fancy. When you put everything back, see if you can reorganize the area to be as neat as possible.

Keeping this space clean and clear will help prevent little critters from making homes there. Spiders and bugs love dark and cluttered areas, and any area with garbage will attract them too. Do your best to keep it uninviting to them!

Closet floors

Speaking of little critters, insects and spiders might love your closet floor too. This isn’t to say your home is infested and dirty! Bugs will always find their way into your home, and they’ll naturally flock to the most cramped and dark spots. Most are harmless (in fact, spiders help the pest population), but it’s understandable to not want them in your closet. If you’ve been forgetting to clean out this area, now is the time!

Your closet could be filled with shoes, clothes, boxes, keepsakes, and a whole bunch of other items. They make great storage spots, until there’s no room to move an inch in there. You’ll know it’s time to clean when you can’t see the floor anymore and objects are spilling out. Take a day to clear everything out, and vacuum or wash the floors. This helps with dust and bacteria buildup.

Spring cleaning can feel like a hassle, but it’s worth it when you can enjoy your fresh home! If you’re looking to buy a home or refinance a mortgage this spring, get in touch with me! You can contact me here.