We’re well into 2021 now, and many of us are still expecting to work from home for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s for convenience or for safety reasons, many people are still figuring out the whole WFH setup. As silly as it might sound, it can be quite challenging to create that perfect home office.

The truth is, it’s much harder to feel motivated to do a full day’s work from the comfort of your home. After all, we associate our homes with relaxation and free time, not business hours. If you’re still finding it tricky to get into the groove of working from home, don’t worry! Try some of these tips to help you secure an ideal home office space.

Dedicate one room to your home office

Are you exploring your entire house or apartment, moving back and forth between rooms to try and get your work done? This can be a huge obstacle for creating a work-from-home office. If you keep changing spots, you have no sense of permanent office. This means no particular room is associated with work and productivity. It’s best to pick one room to serve as your office and stick to it. 

Avoid working in your bedroom or on a comfy sofa. These spots will make you more likely to lounge or even take a nap than be productive and do your work. When it’s time to wind down, you might also feel unable to relax in these spots in the evening. Some of the best places to work from home can be a spare bedroom, a den, or a dining room. Of course, not everyone has this option. Working in your bedroom or kitchen might be the only choice for those who live in apartments or small homes. In this case, set up a desk in a specific spot in that room and make that the only spot you work in.

Get a solid desk and chair

Stop trying to make do with that old swivel chair and tiny side table you found in storage. You wouldn’t expect to work with that in a real office building, so mirror those expectations in your home office as well. It’s time to invest in a real desk with room for your laptop, monitor, printer, or whatever else you need for daily use. It would help if you had a good chair that will support you and keep you comfortable for hours. These expenses are especially important if working from home is going to be a permanent change for you. You might as well invest in quality work furniture!

Personalize your workspace

Have you ever been inside an office building or waiting room where the area was so desperately dull and plain? You probably couldn’t wait to get out of there. With that in mind, remember that a boring workspace isn’t at all motivating or cozy. While you don’t want to feel super distracted at your home office desk, it’s good to add some personal touches. Things like framed photos, potted plants and little decorations bring life to your workspace. They can raise your spirits while you’re there and make you less likely to want to escape ASAP.

You want to create a warm, welcoming environment for your work from home space. If you’re going to be spending lots of time there, you should enjoy your surroundings!


Poor internet connection is an inconvenience that affects all of us at some point. Have you been dealing with sketchy internet for a long time, but was never too bothered about it? The time has come for you to finally fix that issue!

Bad internet is annoying enough when it interrupts your evening Netflix binges. It just won’t cut it when you work from home. You don’t want to add to your stress by constantly having Zoom calls freeze, messages refusing to load, and links unwilling to open. If you have long-lasting internet issues and don’t know how to fix them, contact your internet provider. It might be time for a new router, or a fix for your WIFI signal.

Turn off at 5

One of the biggest issues with working from home is we don’t know when our day is actually done. Are we expected to be available 24/7 just because we’re technically near our “office”? An important part of creating a perfect home office space is to know when to walk away for the day. Set a work schedule for yourself and create your routine. 

Do your best not to sleep in too late – remember, you’re still working, even if you’re at home. Get your day started at a decent time, and also finish at a reasonable hour. Don’t feel like you need to hang around online until 9 p.m. Once your decided end time hits, turn off your laptop and shut the office door behind you. You’re off the clock!

Working from home is frustrating for a lot of people. Many of us would just like to be back in our offices and don’t like this new arrangement. While it can be challenging to get used to, working from home is likely to stay. The number one option for you is to do your best to adapt to it!

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