Should you be thinking about taking on some home renovations this summer? Every once in a while, our homes need some updates. Maybe this season is the right time for you to dive into improving some parts of yours! Of course, if you’re happy with your home, there is no need to spend time and money on renovations you don’t think you need. However, if you have the urge to make some improvements, here is a list of some of the best renovations you can consider. 

Rework your driveway or walkway

Summer is the most popular time to be outdoors, so you may want to work on your curb appeal. Whether you’re thinking about selling in the future or not, some of the best renovations you can do are the ones that focus on how your home looks on the outside. Curb appeal and an inviting atmosphere make your home much more attractive. One of the best ways to make your home stand out is to redo your driveway. Whether you have faded asphalt that needs resealing, or you’re hoping to replace your gravel with concrete or interlocking stones, a fresh driveway makes your home pop. Different materials have different prices, with asphalt being the cheapest and interlocking stones being the priciest. You can also take the time to create or upgrade the path from your driveway to the front door. Paved stepping stones, shrubs, and flower beds all contribute to creating an attractive entrance!

Upgrade your windows

Another key project that can transform your home from the outside is updating your windows. First, have a look at the windows themselves. If they are old, with rusty hinges and handles, or have a dated look, it might be time to upgrade to some fresh installments. New windows with a sleek trim make your home look fresher, and newer windows can be more efficient at trapping in cool air as well. You might also want to consider replacing any old blinds or curtains. If you have hangings that are stained, torn, or dated, you can upgrade to a fresh pair. You can also go one step further and install modern shutters.

Enhance your backyard

We hope you spend lots of time outdoors this summer! If you have a backyard, you can turn it into your own little oasis. A great renovation idea can be to add or upgrade a porch or deck that connects to your back door. This provides you with a spacious, private outdoor spot for relaxing and enjoying the summer sun and sunsets. You can install a deck and add some outdoor patio furniture, which you can personalize to suit your own tastes. Couches, tables, chairs, and gazebos are all possibilities for you, depending on what you want to use your backyard space for. If you ever choose to sell, odds are, this addition will add value to your property.

Rip up old carpeting

Carpeting comes and goes out of style, but old, faded carpets are never trendy. With that in mind, it might be a good time to rip up any carpeting that’s trapping your home in a time 30 years back. Carpet stains easily and fades over time, so you may find you’re overdue to take action against your current flooring. You can take care of main areas like hallways or the living room, or you can go the distance and include bedrooms and the basement as well. Replace old carpeting with laminate flooring, engineered hardwood, or even tile for a fresher look that’s easier to maintain. Replacing old carpeting will always be one of the best renovations at any time of year, because it always adds value to update such a key part of the house.

Reface kitchen or bathroom cabinets

The kitchen and bathrooms are usually considered the most important parts of a home, since they get the most traffic and attention. If you’re not up for tearing apart your entire kitchen or bathrooms, you can start with a relatively simple renovation to increase their value. Refacing cabinets is like adding a mini facelift to the area by modernizing a key aspect that will make the rest of the room look better as well. If your cabinets are old, clunky, and scratched, refacing them would be very beneficial. A basic whitewashed look is popular right now, as is grey and other neutral colours. Cabinets with flat doors are also in style, looking sleek and saving you a bit of space.

Replace your air conditioning

Summers are getting hotter every year, and the need for a proper air conditioning unit is becoming indispensable. One of the best renovations for summer is to upgrade your air conditioning to ensure you can stay cool and comfortable all season. Air conditioning units have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years, so depending on how long you’ve been in your home, it might be time for a replacement. Modern AC units are becoming more and more eco-friendly and efficient. They use less energy to operate and cost you less on your utility bills. The replacement itself may be pricey, but you’re likely to notice a difference in performance and value over time.

If you decide to take on renovations this summer, be prepared for slightly longer timelines than usual. While materials are in higher supply than they were at the start of the pandemic, you are still likely to experience some delays. Nevertheless, the best renovations will be worth the wait to complete!

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